Interactive Physics delivers education in physics in such a way that students realize the use of physics in their daily life and thus understanding and learning physics become easier.

We know that without physics there would be no grocery, laser scanners, space rockets, light bulbs, digital camera, fibre optics, so physics is a very important subject. If you study engineering you can do engineering, if you study physics you can still do engineering.

Finally Mr. Rakesh Ranjan left his job and started his own Physics institute. Since then till 2015, 23 students have been selected in IIT,  more than 400 in CPMT/PMT.

Interactive Physics – A unique Institute of Physics in India

Interactive Physics is a unique institute of Physics in India which wraps its course material in the easiest way possible so that students feel easy to grasp the subject matter. Students at Interactive Physics learn physics by realizing the fundamental concepts not by rote. This Physics Institute has achieved recognition by many awards .

Creativity behind Interactive Physics Classes for XI , XII, IIT-JEE, AIEEE and NEET

Interactive Physics improvises the learning and understanding capabilities through its unique Reading Skills, Note Making Skills, Fast Revision Techniques and by boosting up the Imaginative Power held inside every student.

Interactive Physics believes and explores a fact that “Every child is special and talent inside him/her is hidden somewhere, someone has to help him/her to explode.”

Child’s brain is a very complicated organ. A child’s well developed during the early stages of the life are the ones that learn very quickly in Interactive Physics.